The Company

Marine Software Limited was established in 1991 and has achieved a steady growth whilst maintaining and improving business standards towards its client base.

In an ever more complex world we have adhered to our motto, 'Simplicity is the key to Success', the cornerstone of our development philosophy. We understand that any maritime software needs to be both simple and easy to use as its success will depend on ships crews where time is not a luxury in today's strict, multi-national operational environments.

The development of our systems are by professional Marine Personnel, experienced in Shipboard Operation and Shore-side Management and incorporates the facility to assist with ISM Management

We are convinced we offer Ship Owners and Managers robust but simple to operate systems, requiring minimal personnel training. You will find a good selection of customer testimonials on our Customers Page so you can read their own experiences.

We have many 'Blue Chip' clients on our books who have seen the benefits and cost savings made through implementation of Marine Software systems' which are fast becoming the industry's standard.

We are based near the port of Dover in the South East of England.

You can read a more detailed Company Profile and part of the History of Marine Software Limited by clicking here.

Product Range

Our Product range is designed to operate either as an integrated suite or to run independently, from very small to large fleet sizes. Some of our clients operate software for 1 or 2 ships, and others control fleet sizes of over 70 through various worldwide technical offices. We can offer solutions to fit any type of management structure and any fleet size.

Individual Shipboard systems can be complimented with multiple ship office based software so that shore side technical staff can fully review on board status at a click of a button.

Our unique system design enables full management control from ship, shore or both locations as it may not be feasible to install software on board the actual ship.

Our unique data-transfer system will automatically produce compressed files allowing information to be exchanged via Email or USB, ensuring file transfer sizes are very small (Where SatCom data transfer costs are a major factor).

To get a description and request demonstrations of our products, visit our Products Page.

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