Marine Project Manager

Marine Project Manager for Windows has been specifically designed to assist Superintendents and others engaged in ship repair with the monitoring and control of costs. It is particularly suited for annual surveys and refits as well as more occasional repair and modification projects.

These types of projects have three distinct phases that the program addresses in a logical and straightforward manner:

  • Production of Project Specification - This is primarily done from the Navigation menu, which enables you to create the structure of the project i.e. the sections of the project, the jobs within the sections etc. Then the details are entered into the Jobs.
  • Tender Analysis, Evaluation and Accept - Tenders are sent and received from the Tenders menu in either a paper or disk format. The evaluation menu enables you to view and compare all of the Tenders prior to accepting them within the Accept menu.
  • Management of Project - The day-to-day management of the project again mostly uses the Navigator and Projects menus. The Project being completed when the invoice prices are added and the various reports produced prior to settlement.
Project Management Products:
MPJWIN.jpg   Marine Project Manager (Superintendent Laptop Version)
MPJVWin.jpg   Marine Project Manager (Vessel Version) 
This system integrates with the Planned Maintenance System
to quickly build refit jobs based on maintenance items.
OPJWIN.jpg   Office Project Manager (Multi User System)


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