Marine Planned Maintenance

There are several versions of the Planned Maintenance system available to our customers according to your requirements and price point. The Planned Maintenance System can also be refered to as a PMS or CMMS system. Our Planned Maintenance system can send data to your technical management office so they have oversight of the whole fleet. We can cater for fleets sizes of 1 well into the 100's

Our Marine Planned Maintenance is Type approved by DNV-GL. Click here to see the certificate

The system consists of a series of planned maintenance job cards (PM JobCard), covering the vessels equipment. Each PM JobCard consists of 3 major elements:

  • A set of up to 6 job routines each of which contains the maintenance instructions for a particular task
  • The maintenance schedule for the job routines, consisting of interval and next due date or hours. Intervals can be calendar, hours or events such as dry dock
  • A history record of previous PM job completion reports and directly entered comments

Select a product below to see a more detailed description.

Planned Maintenance Products:
MPMWIN.jpg   Marine Planned Maintenance (DnV-GL Type Approved)
GMPMWIN.jpg   Marine Planned Maintenance 'Gold' Upgrade
G+MPMWIN.jpg   Marine Planned Maintenance 'Gold Plus' Upgrade
MPMWINLite.jpg   Marine Planned Maintenance 'Lite'
MPMWIN.jpg   Marine Planned Maintenance 'Layup' Upgrade
OPMWin.jpg   Office Planned Maintenance


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